{about this blog}

{Why do I post what I do?}

I find inspiration for my projects everywhere.  In nature, in the colors I see all around and tiny details and patterns in everyday life.  I put these here to both have a place where I can log my inspiration and share with others.

I don't have too many DIY projects because they usually turn into D-I-whYs but when I have one of those I don't mind sharing.  I keep trying because I will eventually do things right.

I am obsessed with chairs and can't help myself when it comes to buying fabrics so you may see an overabundance of posts on both topics.

{Window Displays}

I worked as a visual merchandiser throughout graduate school so I have a fondness for store window displays and good merchandising.

For those looking to know more about the displays at Anthropologie, and I believe there are a lot of you, here is what I know.  The basic direction or general concept is given by the Anthropologie home office and the stores interpret them and make them fit their market/store/materials on hand.  To find out more you can visit or call your local store and see if that store's visual merchandiser can give you more detailed information.

I don't generally shop at any of the stores I photograph for window displays which I find funny but others may find strange. Good window design doesn't always mean good shopping.

{Hotel Posts}

Every Tuesday I review a hotel based on design only.  99% of the time I have not been to the hotel and know little or nothing nothing about the service, location etc so please, please don't go based on my recommendation alone.  Please check here for reviews and here for gross things you don't want to have in your bed {I know you do this anyway}.  I will be sure to mention if I have actually stayed in a hotel and enjoyed it. Don't hold your breath though, I'm a couch surfer at heart.


If you have questions for me feel free to ask in the comment section, I will answer there or on your blog if you provide a link. You can also feel free to email me, just give me some time to answer as I work full time and sometimes also my own design work on top of that.

{Privacy Policy}

I use google analytics but generally review the stats only for the overall visitor numbers and referring pages.

At this time I don't have any paid links, advertisements, or sponsored posts. Everything is created by me in my free time for fun. This could change at any time.
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