Thursday, September 24, 2015

Louis Vuitton :: Spring LV Window Display

I do realize it is now officially fall, but this window display from Louis Vuitton is really seasonless {well, maybe if you pay attention to their handbags you may notice}. 

I love the graphic and metallic nature of these letters.  That's something Louis Vuitton always has a ton of  in their windows - amazingly shiny things.

If you look at the text on the 'L' photo you will see the reference to scanning something to get exclusive content in their 'application'.  I can't stop giggling over this because it took me forever to realize they mean their app!  Am I the only one finding this hilarious?


  1. I wouldn't know what season it was by looking at this display. I really like the sleek and futuristic feel of of the letters. Yes I'm attracted to shiny pretty things too haha ;p

  2. Yes, their displays always seem to be very very very shiny. And yes, it's funny that they used "application"


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