Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Set Design - Sly and Single Again

This is another installment in the unofficial "I only watch it for the set design" series.  While I know at least one of you is probably shaking your head at my selection of 'stories', I do enjoy them all without discrimination.

About a year ago I watched Sly and Single Again and it was really funny but also had some amazing sets.  Of course I took a liberal amount of screen shots.  The images below are only of the apartment, not of the 4 or 5 amazing restaurants they shot scenes in.

I love the stripes on this building, it's not part of the set design but a great location to film.

This apartment was one of my favorite parts.  The Rhythm Pendant below is one I almost snuck into a project but then the client lost the space they were moving into and it hasn't made it back into a project yet.  That flush linear light is one I use all the time in commercial work but I've never seen it used in a residential setting.

Am I the only one that noticed the random pairs of things on the counter below?

I'm in love with the wood wall and took 6.4 million screen shots of it {for research purposes, obviously}.

Apparently this was the only image I managed to take of the lights that are in integrated into the wood, I love this feature.  I forget why he's climbing the wall but I still think it's funny.

I also really love the graphic and slightly retro wallpaper in the bedroom. I wish I knew who made it, I'd love to see their other patterns.

Are there any shows you watch for the set design?  I can't be the only one!


  1. I can't say I ever watch a show for set design but then I'm not in your line of business. I do remember liking the Chairman's house in this drama. It had a fun modern vibe to it. Most of the time my husband and I are making fun of the homes in K-dramas because they can be so unrealistic. And why do they always like to decorate with huge pictures of the people living there. It's kinda ghetto narcissistic.

  2. The sets are really awesome but now I'm intrigued as to what the storyline behind this show is. Maybe about wearing really tight suits and crying. I'm sure there's also some memory loss in there somewhere, right??


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