Monday, January 19, 2015


Recently, while running from one meeting to the next, I darted past this spray painted graphic for the basement.  I immediately turned around and came back for a closer look and a photo.  While the other floor markers were a bit 80s looking, this one still feels new in some ways.

It's also not going to be around much longer because this building is being converted to luxury condos shortly.  What do you think about it?  Too 80s or has it stood the test of time?


  1. I sort of hate how everything old gets torn down to make room for sparkly shiny things but then remember that once they're up, those new things are not so new anymore and start to age just like the buildings that stood there before. Circle of (architectural) life?

  2. It has 80's vibe but everything comes back around doesn't it? :) SO many buildings are being converted to luxury condos in NYC too and I'm always thinking to myself who can afford them.

    You should totally check out Healer. It's probably the most interesting drama I've watched since Misaeng and JCW has improved as an actor since BVS.


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