Monday, December 29, 2014

What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Working - and installing emergency fixtures that look like anime frogs {the ceiling was not my choice, promise!}.

Making homemade creme de menthe {for the winter I have switched to homemade limocello}.

Enjoying the flowers

Watching grass grow.

Eating some Concord grapes from the yard - they had to be reconstituted but tasted delicious {I planted these in my parent's yard without their knowledge, they were recently ripped out}.

Drinking cute coffee. This is the only way I'll drink hot coffee and it's totally worth the burn risk.

Enjoying the fall foliage...

Visiting one of my favorite bathroom floor patterns.  It's at Lovely Day in Nolita. I'm pretty sure I only go there for the bathroom though the noodles I get are fairly good and the waitstaff has always been nice to me.

Trying new products - my skin must have looked terrible for the sales person at TonyMoly to stuff my bag with four CC cream samples...

Enjoying some snow.  The weather has been nice but we had a couple of really pretty snow showers where the snow didn't stick.  Those are my favorite kind.


  1. I've missed you on the blog but hope you've been getting the most out of winter in the northeast

  2. Looks like you been getting up to fun things and just enjoying life! Good for you :) What did you buy at Tony Moly? I love their fruit hand creams!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Jeanine! Happy New Year to you! Wishing you good health, happiness and many great things in 2015!


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