Monday, May 5, 2014

Fruit Trees

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with fruit trees.  This is a bit of a problem when you live in New England and it's freezing outside from September to May, you can't just plant some in the yard.  Fortunately, for my birthday last year, my sister bought me a Kaffir Lime tree.  It was about 3" tall at the time and it has grown nicely over the past year.

I was thinking I'd like a Meyer lemon and key lime tree because they are miniature in size and I can keep them indoors so, while I was out picking up dry cleaning last Saturday afternoon, I thought I'd swing down to Connecticut and visit the greenhouse my previous tree came from {my sister was smart enough to order it online rather than drive, but I decided I wanted to pick my trees out in person}.

The greenhouse was a lot of fun to visit even if you do need a machete to make your way through it, it's so stuffed with plants.  At one point, I had to jump into this orange tree to let people pass by.

you can see the rogue lemon grass stalk in the corner

I think my fancy new trees {at 3" tall they are really only a couple of leaves} will get along quite nicely with my orchids and money tree that I bought on the side of the road. 


  1. How cute - and now you have to share pics of how your indoor plants are doing!

  2. If only the weather in the Northeast was more temperate all year round. These look like awesome additions to your plant family. Being able to eat what you grow is the best :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I have been thinking about the Meyer Lemon tree too... it seems like such a lovely idea to have a fruit tree in the house.. but that is something for maybe next year.. are hands are way too full this year.

  4. I used to have a lemon tree and I loved it. That sucker held up for years.

  5. that's really a nice place to visit ^^
    the leaves at the tree is so special
    keep in touch


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