Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frost Heaves

Around here winter has taken it's toll and the inevitable "frost heaves" signs have begun popping up all around.

So bumpy roads are inevitable but at least we have pretty frost patterns around.

Also inevitable....the fact that I can't take a clear photo.  Someday I'll get it right!


  1. I didn't know of this term before. They probably cause issues so at least they're pretty. Your photo might've been blurry because you were too close but it still looks nice.

    I'd been coveting that Love statue so I asked my husband to get for my bday. I'm a pain to shop for and that way we're both happy. I watched about 20 mins. of Heirs before I couldn't take it anymore. LMH's english was positively cringeworthy. Totally laughed at what you said about his wardrobe since I'm no fan of his ;p CJH looked so much better in Heirs than he does in Emergency Couple. I don't know if it's the bad perm or if he's lost too much weight from his face.

    Hope you're having a great stress-free week so far!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. pretty.. but i am so ready for spring!


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