Monday, January 13, 2014

The One That Got Away

My residential work has either been really high end, everything custom, and really low end, bargains galore.  I recently was in a carpet showroom's unheated warehouse in the dead of winter, looking for someone else, and found this David Hicks carpet remnant at a super low price. 

It was an awkward size and I'm really not in the market for a carpet right this very moment, but if I was it would have come home with me.  It would go really well with my living room sofa and pillows.  I'm sure someone else will give it a good home, and I'm even more sure I'll find the perfect carpet when I finally do move and need to find one.

Does anyone else hate the feeling you get when you pass something up that could be perfect?  My life will go on, but was one billionth of the regular price.


  1. Yes! I hate it for sure. But I tell myself you will be paid handsomely sometime in the future for your restraint. Design karma.

  2. That's a really cool pattern! Sometimes the shopping karma just doesn't line up but I usually like to just think it wasn't meant to be.

    Jason Wu has a great feminine aesthetic to his designs! Hemming your pants to the right length can be a little tricky if you tend to wear varying heel heights but I've found taking an average can work. Hope to see more of your cat! She sounds like a real personality! Yes to this year being at least twice as good as 2013!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I hate it when things get away but I feel even worse when things just languish in a dark, dusty corner of my closet


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