Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crewcuts Window Display :: Mr. Roboto

This window display goes into the running for cutest {in a slightly creepy sort of way} children's window display.  I love the cardboard robots because they are made out of paper and boxes just like a giant sized version of what a child would make.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The marquee letters in this Diesel window display have been everywhere, but in this simple display they have used decorative light bulbs, like this GE bulb, to make the glow more sparkly.  This display is actually on the end of a street I never visit but a friend mentioned being in love with the bulbs so I dragged myself over to see it on a cold, cold night.  I really like the effect.

Would you or have you used these bulbs?  They'd be great in sconces and decorative lighting.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The One That Got Away

My residential work has either been really high end, everything custom, and really low end, bargains galore.  I recently was in a carpet showroom's unheated warehouse in the dead of winter, looking for someone else, and found this David Hicks carpet remnant at a super low price. 

It was an awkward size and I'm really not in the market for a carpet right this very moment, but if I was it would have come home with me.  It would go really well with my living room sofa and pillows.  I'm sure someone else will give it a good home, and I'm even more sure I'll find the perfect carpet when I finally do move and need to find one.

Does anyone else hate the feeling you get when you pass something up that could be perfect?  My life will go on, but was one billionth of the regular price.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Miss Wu

A year or so ago, I decided to be much more selective in the type of clothing I purchase.  I decided to purchase fewer cheap throwaway clothing items and to add better quality clothing when I made a purchase {if you are bored you can read the original rant, and my attempt at a solution}. 

One of the brands I have had success with recently is Miss Wu.  It's a 'lower' priced line by Jason Wu.  Lower is in quotes because it still costs a pretty penny.  I wish I had known about it when this shirt was for sale because it's my favorite.

Because I waited for a sale, it was slim-pickings.  I wound up with these two shirts below and love them!  They are a bit more plain which means I can wear them for years and they will still be in style.

Obviously I look this fancy when I wear the shirts.....are there any brands you swear by these days?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Anthropologie Window Display :: Let it Snow

With the snow that keeps coming this year, there's no better time to post Anthropologie's winter window display.  If I remember correctly, it's mostly paper {plywood?} with some shimmery white paint and a few dead animals thrown in. 

My favorite parts are the gondolas and the giant snowflake. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

No matter how good last year was to you all, I hope this year is even better!

Last year was busy for me but I wasn't left with a great feeling of accomplishment at everything I had done, so I hope this year I can achieve that.  My cat is kind enough to allow me to illustrate, with a bow on her paw, not to forget to slow down and have more fun.  She reminds me of this regularly by eating my phone and iPod cords when I don't give her as much attention as she needs - when that happens neither of us have much fun.

As an aside: My pictures rarely illustrate that she has extra thumbs on all four paws leading to her achieving ninja status.  Somehow it makes her even sneakier and more deadly to electronics.

no cat was harmed during the taking of this photo

A while ago I found "The Rainbow Tunnel of Happiness". The entrance to it made me just as happy when I stumbled upon it in a snow storm last month.  I'll be passing it tomorrow so maybe I'll take a walk through the tunnel just for fun.

state street train station

We are gearing up for another snow storm here over the next couple of days and things get slower and more relaxed which is a great way to start the new year.

the freedom trail on a snowy day

I plan to blog more and make more time to visit all the blogs I have only been to sporadically at the last part of this year.  I hope to talk to you all soon!

What about all of you?  Any big plans or thoughts for the new year?  
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