Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day


Marie Claire Maison

Marie Claire Maison

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

I'd be happy to labor in any one of these offices, wouldn't you?


  1. Yes, and that last chair is amazing. I want my ceilings to be taller.

  2. Absolutely! And I love the bookshelves in pic 2. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend & mini vacation :)

    I think I did read that Boston may be getting a Shake Shack too. I've never tried pickling anything before but I bet it must taste better when you do it yourself. Sounds like you've been working through some shows. I haven't watched Scandal but I keep hearing it's good. Did you manage to finish IiP? I still haven't started Two Weeks yet but it's probably next. We watched the entire Broadchurch series and the 1st season of Luther this weekend. I really like how much shorter the seasons are for British series and how they actually end before they go downhill.

    I think KSY looks more striking with short hair but she's pretty with long hair too. Just anything but the terrible poodle do she had in Prosecutor Princess XD I'm okay with her liking T.O.P cause I kinda like him too. He's very good looking, hasn't had any scandal and doesn't ever appear topless. I can't say I like the rest of his group though.

    Hope you had a great first day at the new job!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Definitely! You know, I think the second picture is my favourite but it's because of all the books


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