Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Smart Guide to Shopping at IKEA

Recently the new IKEA catalog came out.  I always enjoy looking through the catalog to see what is new, but I'm always disappointed when I go to the store and see the aisles of particle board, plastic and future broken items.  I have developed some "rules" for myself when actually making a purchase and I thought I'd share them with a small series.

First up is furniture.  There are a lot of things to avoid at IKEA, if you look carefully at a lot of their furniture you will see it is made of paper.  I'm not a fan of particleboard of any sort, with it's formaldehyde content and smell, but it is certainly more sturdy than paper. So, if you are looking for something to keep for a while, real wood {at IKEA this generally means pine} or wicker is the way to go.  I actually own the little rocker below and, except for the fact that it has been used as the world's most expensive scratching post, it has held up well.

Natural wood & wicker: STORSELE chair / HEMNES Side Table / GULLHOLMEN Rocking Chair /
STORNÄS Buffet / STOCKHOLM Chair in green

What do you think?  Do you have particleboard furniture from IKEA that you stand by?  I admit to having an ALEX drawer on casters and, it's cute on the outside, but crumbled on the drawer corners as I assembled it.


  1. Ikea is so far away I don't get to go very often. So all I do is drool at the catalog.

  2. I completely agree with you. I have some particle board chair seats, and when I go to reupholster them, I always cut new ones out of wood.

  3. We have an Ikea in Brooklyn and it's kind of fun to go because it's by a free water taxi. That said, I haven't bought anything there in awhile. The computer desk that my husband and I share is from Ikea. We've had it for 10 yrs. and it's held up nicely so I consider that money well spent. The newer version of it is definitely not as sturdy.

    I think you'll like the cucumber dish. It's really refreshing and the fact that it doesn't have to be cooked is a plus. Korean cucumbers will work well. English cucumbers don't for some reason even though they don't have many seeds.

    Rena and Ian's photos actually take me a long time to set up because the lighting for them can be tricky but I'm glad you like the way they come out. Those are Ian's eyelashes that he came with but those aren't the eyes he came with.

    Lee Byung Hun and Catherine Zeta Jones are in Red 2 together. I bet you got a good workout for your arms juicing those 4 lbs. of lemons :) The Glam Glow mask helps abit with freckles as well but I use another mask for lightening as well. So is IiP sleep inducing or are you just tired whenever you try to watch it? I'm in between dramas right now and waiting for Two Weeks and The Master's Sun to begin. Haven't watched MNET much lately. I usually catch TEN and seem to miss that travel show with PSJ whenever I flip it on. My timing is good lol. Aww it's cute that you spotted a bunny family in your garden but I'm sure they're not so cute when they try to eat your produce so no wonder you had to shoo them away.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Jeanine - I'm back! I have some dressers from Ikea that have held up okay (then again I've only owned them for a few months) but that's about it. I'm a bit abusive with my furniture so definitely something that will hold up well


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