Monday, July 15, 2013

Sequins & Chambray :: Part II

Lately I've been much more motivated to get things done that have been looming over my head for weeks, or months.  My latest accomplishment has been these bags for my nieces. 

I purchased the fabric in the Garment District a while ago on a trip to Manhattan and then I had to figure out how I would make the bags.  I'm not a champion sewer but I can get things done {just don't ask me to iron after}.  Apparently, figuring things out took a whole year, but I actually made 2.5 bags and have 2.5 to go.  I have to make an M, a C {I have no idea how} and a little "t" out of the wide sequin trim.

Next up: Caning, painting, and upholstering those chairs.....


  1. Me too! I think the heat is motivating me to stay in and just get stuff done! What an adorable bag!I bet your nieces will totally love them! Good luck finishing them up!

    I currently use about 4 products to tame my hair when it's humid. Moroccan Oil is one of them. I've heard pequi oil was good too but I haven't tried it. I can't even imagine how out of control it would be if I actually wore my hair longer O_o

    Good luck getting through your drama queue. I watched a few eps. of Insoon is Pretty because I like the lead actress but it just depressed me so I gave up on it. I know you'll tough it out so you'll have to let me know how you like it. I agree that the variety shows can be a little hard to follow sometimes but it def. is interesting to see how these people act as themselves. It's definitely made me more of a fan of some and less of others. How is the house hunt going? I saw an ep. of House Hunters set in Boston over the weekend and thought of you.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Awww, what a terribly sweet and homemade gift :)


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