Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On My Desk :: A Touch of Gray...

...or more than a touch, but it's perfect to post on a gray, rainy day.

This material set is from a conference center I worked on last year.  I have switched jobs in the meantime {twice} so I have no idea if the project was ever completed, but I love the materials anyway.  The palette was grays and whites, though the wall paint isn't in the photo.  The shimmery wallcovering was planned for niches with a stone topped credenza and nice lighting.  The matte fabric was intended for a moveable wall.

I selected some beautiful glass chandeliers as well, but the ones I selected were over $10,000 each and that was not in the budget {I made a trip to the high rent district to find them, obviously}. 

I really hope some day I can pop in and see if the renovations were completed, I work nearby and I have gotten really good at talking my way past security's a great skill to have.


  1. Pretty materials. The shimmery wallpaper reminds me of my Chilewich placemats :) Hope you get a chance to check out how it all turned out.

    Happy weekend Jeanine!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Well I think you definitely have to go see how it all turned out

  3. You must have some spy's left that can tell you? That gray slab is stunning!


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