Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Light Bracket

One of my favorite items at this year's ICFF was The Light Bracket, designed by Alexandra Burr and Allen Slamic.  Not only do I love that this simple shelf bracket multi-tasks as a light, but I love the colorful cords and the enthusiasm both Alexandra and Allen had for their product.

It would be nice in a home office but I really would love to use it in an office project I'm working on to make the shelving a bit more special

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Out And About

This past month has been busy.  Work and fun have taken me all over the Northeast from New Hampshire to New York.  I found a ton of things I loved while on the road.

Painted signs on buildings....old and new.

Pretty vegan sushi I can actually eat from Beyond Sushi!  I bought it at 10 am and was carrying it around and actually had someone ask where I bought it because it looked so good.  Because I am classy, I ate two pieces and dropped the chopsticks on the ground, so I had to eat it with my fingers.  It was still super delicious- the only thing that would have made it better would have been if it was organic.

Patterns and repetition on buildings.

Bright color in a dingy side street.

Cute old stone buildings.

Water towers - for some reason I love to see them.

Great color combinations.

Have you been anywhere interesting lately?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On My Desk :: A Touch of Gray...

...or more than a touch, but it's perfect to post on a gray, rainy day.

This material set is from a conference center I worked on last year.  I have switched jobs in the meantime {twice} so I have no idea if the project was ever completed, but I love the materials anyway.  The palette was grays and whites, though the wall paint isn't in the photo.  The shimmery wallcovering was planned for niches with a stone topped credenza and nice lighting.  The matte fabric was intended for a moveable wall.

I selected some beautiful glass chandeliers as well, but the ones I selected were over $10,000 each and that was not in the budget {I made a trip to the high rent district to find them, obviously}. 

I really hope some day I can pop in and see if the renovations were completed, I work nearby and I have gotten really good at talking my way past security's a great skill to have.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AOL's Offices

I recently started working on an office renovation that promised to be fun and exciting.  Then we got the initial pricing back from the plan where the client got everything they ever dreamed of {I did too}.  Now things have to be chopped in half.  Reality bites.  The funny thing is, the client took it better than I did, though I pretended otherwise until I returned to the office.  In the end, it's my job to give people the feel they want at a price they can afford.  So that is what I will put my ego aside to do.  It really helps that the client is interesting and fun to work with so I know things will work out in the end.

With that out of the way, let's look at offices for companies who have money to spend on design and money to spend on their offices.  Or people who have money to spend on people designing a cheap but nice office {it may not seem like it, but it costs money to design things like this even if the final materials aren't expensive}.

AOL's Palo Alto office {found via Dezeen but from 2001} is one of these offices.  The thing I'm most enamored with are the 'X' lights in the bright colors.  Well, that and the mix of colors and the relaxed industrial vibe.

I would want to hang out in both of the spaces below and work, or read a book.  Not exactly work activities...but fun activities.

{all images via Dezeen.  Office design by Studio O+A.}
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