Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Think I Have Found The Future...

...the future where you buy a skirt online on Saturday and it's teleported to your door on Monday morning.

I have only ordered from Zappos once before in my life and I don't remember what happened, perhaps this is normal.  I'm super impressed.

Nanette Lepore Rainbow Skirt

I'm also happy this skirt is longer on me than it is in the model.  I'm planning on wearing it this summer because, although most people wear lighter colors in the summer, I'm so pale {think glow-in-the-dark white} I look washed out in them.

Are there any colors you gravitate toward as the weather gets warmer?  Has an online company teleported anything to your door lately?

 While it would have been fantastic to receive a free skirt in exchange for writing this post, I paid for it myself.  I'm just writing this because I'm happy.


  1. Things like fast free shipping make me really happy too. And nice skirt! I tend to gravitate toward red as it warms up outside but I've got a mint green shoe that's waiting for me at home this evening

  2. I love when things magically show up at my door particularly shoes lol. That's a pretty print on that skirt! I definitely gravitate towards lighter colors as it warms up. I'm into mint lately and pink but I'm always into pink :)

    I'm surprised we actually get cherry blossoms in NYC but I'm sure glad we do. They make me happy. That Winter The Wind Blows ended with the most beautiful cherry blossom scene. I thought gumihos were females too but I guess they can be male too. I'm definitely going to wait to watch it. Maybe I'll slot in Flower Boy Next Door first :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I've never ordered from zappos- but will have to rethink that. I think I'm like you- I wear the colors I think work best for me season to season. And, although I don't "glow in the dark" (too funny!), I think I look best in saturated tones rather than pastels and lighter hues.

  4. Jeanine I'm thinking of you today and hope that you and your loved ones are ok. My prayers.


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