Monday, March 25, 2013

Out & About :: Secret Balconies

Have you ever spent a lot of time in an area and never actually looked up?  I worked a few blocks from Chinatown and on the way to pick up lunch one day I noticed all sorts of "secret" balconies hiding in plain sight!  I had to take a trip back because the people I was getting lunch with were in no mood for my revelation {with good reason, if you go to lunch too late, you wait in line}.  These were part of the city I had been walking by for years and never seen.

This one is only decorative, it looks like it wouldn't support a person, let alone one who dropped out one of those windows to the platform.

This one is on the border of Chinatown and downtown.  It's rare for the buildings downtown to have balconies.  If they have anything, they will usually have a roof deck.

Is there something you've been walking by for years and haven't noticed?


  1. that is so cool.. often take my own surrounding for granted.. but when we travel I am always looking up. Maybe I should do it in my everyday life too.

  2. When I look up I see my dumb neighbor and his ugly picture window staring at me. Next time I'll think of your views instead. :)

  3. We actually have a balcony but I haven't been out there in awhile because they've been working on the facade of our building. It's noisy and I'm not sure what's flying around. Usually when it gets nice, I like to sit out there and read. I'm also happy to say mine is more spacious and also covered.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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