Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New{ish} Bag

I was pondering a new bag over the summer because I had been dragging around an embarrassingly gross pleather one with a broken strap for months.  Six months to be exact, not including the three before it broke.  There are a few $1,000+ bags that I really like but I don't want to spend that much money on a bag, so I did some looking around.  I finally settled on a slightly more expensive bag than I was initially comfortable with, but I have been impressed so far.  The quality is very nice and it still looks brand new inside and out {I think it will hold up well into the future, I did TONS of research before I purchased it}.

My requirements were that it have a zipper on top to keep sticky fingers out while I'm on public transportation, not be super trendy {I use the same one every day}, and that it last for a good long time.  Believe it or not, the top zipper was the hardest thing to find.

What I purchased was this:

I had originally purchased it at Macys and they said it was supposed to come with a little wallet, dust bag and key chain, but when I took it home someone had totally stripped all the accessories out.  So, I returned it and bought it online somewhere else {in the after Thanksgiving sales for a huge discount}.  It's called the Logo Lock Tote from Dooney & Bourke {I call it my "old lady bag" because I always thought this brand was for people over 60}.  I would love the straps to have an inch more of a drop and the logo is a bit larger than I would like, but I actually carry it with the logo facing me so no one knows where it is from.

Speaking of logos, I am NOT a logo person.  My thoughts are that if there's a logo on it, you'd better be paying me to wear it.  I won't purchase anything with logo fabric {no double Cs or LVs for me, thanks}.  However, the sales person in the store was telling me I should be proud of having a "branded" bag when was poking at the logo to see if I could take it off.

I'd love to know what your stance is?  Do you love showing off your logos?  Hate them?  Couldn't care less?  I see so many bags, shoes, and clothing with logos that I think I'm in the minority here.


  1. I am bag obsessed. Love them - all. As for the logos, the only one I don't mind would be Gucci. Otherwise, I'm with you - just some letha' for me.

  2. A zippered top is high on my requirements for a bag as well and I agree it's a feature that's hard to come by these days. This bag looks like it's a good size and it would hold up. I can't believe someone would filch all the accessories like that but it's good you were able to get it with everything. My mom uses this brand so I can see why you'd call it an old lady bag. She's just barely over 60 :) I don't think it'll make you look old though. I'm ok with logos depending on the label and if they're discreet. I'm okay with them on my LV and Gucci bags but I definitely don't like them on clothing or shoes.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Ooo nice bag! I'm with you on the zippers on the top. And long straps. And no logo. We're pretty much bag twins. And house twins. And maybe long-lost twins.

  4. Gorgeous bag! I'm with you on the logos... hate 'em. There's just something so pretentious about it all. I'm not sure if that's been my experience or if it's true of all such bag owners.

    7% Solution​


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