Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cole Haan :: Manhole Cover Window Display

I never thought I'd complement a manhole cover but I think I'm about to.  I love the colors and the simple crosshatch pattern of this manhole cover in a recent Cole Haan.  There was actually a series of a few color combinations but this is the one I managed to snap a photo of.

On another note, whenever I try on shoes in this store, it's like I'm one of the wicked stepsisters in Cinderella jamming my giant feet into the tiny shoes.  I didn't think my feet were particularly wide, so I'm going to assume their shoes run pretty narrow.  It's too bad because there are some really cute flats inside, flats I would love to fit on my feet.


  1. I love that.. and my husband would love those shoes.

  2. Okay real man hole covers don't ever look that nice though I've spotted a few cool ones down by the South Street Seaport which I photographed. I have a couple pairs of Cole Haan shoes and some of their styles do run a little narrow. The pumps with the Nike air technology are my fave.

    I don't actually make drama recs unless I'm asked. And I really don't mind a melo as long as it's well done which this one is so I don't think of it as suffering. I'd rather watch a good melo over a bad rom com any day. The two leads aside from looking pretty when they cry are the kind that make you want to cry along with them so it's tough to not well up sometimes. I think my next drama will be Lee Seung Gi's new saeguk though I have some reservations about it. There's not much else I'm interested in right now. I hope they'll finish the facade work sometime soon so that I can go out on the balcony again. Covered is definitely better to not have to worry about the sun. Maybe you can make your own Siracha. It's good esp. if you like spicy sauces. I heard that mayo wasn't all that difficult to make.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I think this is the best use of a manhole cover outside of it's natural purpose that I've seen so far - and I really like the paint combo

  4. that display is so cute and creative

  5. I like this one. I'm not sure if I would wear those shoes, but the window would get me to go into the store.

  6. Very clever display, manholes should be so colorful.


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