Monday, March 4, 2013


Every time I think things will slow down a little bit, they speed up even further.  I just took a new job this past week and the commute is killing me.  It's so long that I was told if I decide in a month that the commute is too bad, they won't be upset with me for leaving.  I'm pretty tough, but I'm actually not sure how long this will last.

So, I had almost decided I was too low on energy and inspiration to post, when I found this.

Urban Motifs on Etsy

I love, love, love this chair.


  1. I can see why! That is such a happy print!

    I guess things have gone the other way of slow for you. I've turned down a few jobs just because I couldn't handle the commute. I mean I live in Manhattan just to avoid that. Anyway hang in there and I hope it will somehow get better for you. Do you get to sit and reda or whatever at least? That helps a bit.

    Tarte and NARS both have a pretty good range of shades so you should check them out. I definitely feel like I look a little more 'alive' when I wear blush.

  2. It's so sad the commute situation... It's such a deal breaker! Hope it all works out!

  3. Whew! If I had that chair, I would need no other colour in my home. At all.

  4. Wow, I know what you mean, commute can be a downer sometimes, but then sometimes it can go either way.I used to have to commute a long time away, but found time for reading, etc. Thankfully that is over now. That chair is amazing! :)

  5. Wow your commute is THAT bad, that truly sucks. I wish you luck in finding a better situation and yes this is a fun chair!

    Ali of


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