Monday, April 15, 2013

Burberry Window Display :: Golden Balloons

This balloon window is appropriate this week because I not only did my taxes on time {I still do them myself and it gets tricky with the self-employment parts}, but I managed to make it through last week alive. I started a new job recently with new responsibilities, new clients and projects, and my second week was truly trial by fire. I wish someone presented me with gold balloons like this {gold bars would be nice as well}.


  1. Double yay for getting through your first two weeks of work and getting your taxes done on time. Those gold ballons look a little unwieldy but I wouldn't mind some gold bars either haha.

    Ok you've sold me on FBND but I'm holding off on any dramas for now. TWTWB really raised the bar for me as far as K-dramas go. I hope it might change the live shooting system because there is definitely a noticeable difference in quality.

    Good luck with your third week!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Oh fill me in, what K drama is FBND? I'm currently watching Love (My) Love. But always looking for a new one :-)

  2. I encounter the same kind of trickiness with taxes as well (doing them ourselves and every year seems to get trickier). As for the job, hang in there Jeanine! It always gets easier.

  3. I'm sending you some virtual gold balloons and hopefully you got a big FAT tax refund


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