Monday, February 4, 2013

On My Desk: Herringbone and Geometrics

I thought I would start an occasional post about things "On My Desk".  Things I have been working on, things I am considering, and finishes I am hoarding because I want to find an appropriate place to use them.

The two finishes below literally sat on my desk for a couple of weeks keeping me company before they got the boot.  The geometric carpet is in the running for an elevator lobby, I'll know the verdict on it this week, but I really hope it's a yes.  The large orange herringbone was for a chair I would like to reupholster.  I have decided to go with the brown colorway {if I use it, it's a bit pricey so it's still just being considered} so you'll probably see it's buddy in a later post.

If only I could figure out how to photograph it well.


  1. I love that geometric herringbone with the stripe. Really fun and unexpected. The colors pop.

  2. Just picked up a swatch of the small orange herringbone for a client. Such a smart looking pattern!

  3. That geometric carpet is fabulous. I hope it's a go!

    Running Man can be a little confusing when you first watch and honestly you have to watch at least one or 2 full shows to get it. Basically the cast and guests are broken up to teams and sent on missions and there are real cash prizes involved if they can manage to complete them. I love having a lavender bedroom :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  4. Are you going to be making the chair?! That'd be so delightfully cheery


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