Friday, February 8, 2013

i heart trees

The weather lady is predicting a bit of snow for today and tomorrow which makes me happy because I get to work at home, near this tree {I should say "near" this tree since it's not exactly out the window}.


  1. Are you really just getting "a bit". Girl, they are predicting the worst storm, ever...for us. Enjoy the white stuff, and post pretty pics.

  2. I suppose I should admit they are actually predicting 12-24" and I've seen up to 39" for some spots. I actually don't mind it except for the 2 hours I will spend shoveling though. :)

  3. The reports are saying that the Boston area is going to get hit hard so it's a good thing you get to work from home. Stay safe and stay warm Jeanine!

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  4. nature is always full of surprises

  5. Hope you stayed as snug as a bug this weekend!

  6. Hope you weren't hit too bad by the snow Jeanine!


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