Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Danger Falling Ice & Snow

We had a bit of snow this past weekend.

Nothing the snow blower can't handle....

Okay, maybe it was a bit more than the snow blower could handle.  But the real problem was in the city.  The rain melted the snow and ice and it spent all day yesterday falling off rooftops.

The building with the steeple is the Old South Meeting House

The Charles River and Beacon Hill were foggy but pretty.

Sam Eagle's building was getting shoveled off {I think the guy was opening drains}.  I really wish you could see Sam from the street but he's at least 20 stories up.

Where you see the rainbow below, there are pallets dropped on the intersections so pedestrians can make it through the intersections without drowning.

We will see what today brings.  I will hopefully at least remember to wear my boots.


  1. It's really strange to see the city so quiet. That is a lot of snow.

  2. Better be careful out there Jeanine! My mom talked to my aunt in Quincy and they got 24" and lost power for 40 hrs. We got off pretty easy in NYC with just 8" and I'm honestly quite relieved by that.

    I think the RM with LSG is a good one to start with since you are familiar with the guest. It was for us since we were laughing non-stop at some points and it made us want to watch more eps. afterwards. The missions can be a little confusing at first if you've never watched the show or aren't that familiar with their variety formats. We actually rewatched it over the weekend and noticed all sorts of things we didn't the first time since we understand the dynamic of both the show and cast. It can be quite silly but that's kind of the point and i like that celebrities in Asia would actually do these types of things.

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  3. Great images of Boston turned Winter Wonderland. Stay warm (and safe!)

  4. Oh snow, it's always so gorgeous when it's pure and white and then throughout the day turns trampled and muddy. I can draw a ton of terrible analogies to that but then again, why ruin a perfectly good snow day?


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