Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday there was snow and sleet overnight.  Today it will be in the 50s.  I prefer the snow because it makes the city look prettier, like tree blossoms do in the spring.

Even City Hall, which sparks a yearly debate about how it's so ugly it has to be torn down, somehow looks nice.  In the building's defense, brutalist architecture is a style.

Even the "Gotham City building" looks less imposing.

I know most people prefer warm days but there's something nice about the snow.  Everything is quiet and peaceful.


  1. The snow does make it lovely, but I like it much warmer too. Boston is such a great place.

  2. The trees look that much more pretty coated in white - I'm with you, everything looks better with a light dusting of new snow

  3. I love seeing snowed cities... They look like in fairy tales!

  4. I love seeing everything is dusted in snow when it first falls but it's pretty gross on the ground afterwards. The little shot of warmer weather was nice for a change today even though it was rainy - better than cold and rainy.

    Our bedroom is carpeted in Flor. I have added color on the bedding and the walls which are a pale lavender. The Flor tiles are great if you have any accident like the time I cut my finger and needed 8 stitches. I bled all over one of the tiles and it was good that we were able to switch it out instead of trying to clean it. I saw a lot of ugly laminate when looking for one for our cabinet doors so I can see why nice ones would make you happy. The Schumacher offices were actually surprisingly drab considering the business.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. I love the snow too.. as long as I don't have to help in any of the shoveling..

  6. I think snow looks pretty if I am inside haha.


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