Monday, January 7, 2013

Joe Fresh - Winter Window Display

I finally have my computer fixed and I'm really happy to have it back after almost a month, after this post, the tags and photos should stop being crazy. I wound up fixing my broken laptop myself which makes it that much more exciting to have it working again.

After a month of sporadic posting, I have an overabundance of window display photos that were locked on my computer so I thought I'd post a week of winter window displays, all with snow and/or winter themes.

This Joe Fresh window with the piles of snowflakes was fun and would be an easy DIY project, these were made out of foam core but cardboard would work just the same.


  1. I like this one. It's fun and different. It also has great movement.

  2. I've walked by Joe Fresh in NYC and have never been in - what kind of clothing do they sell?

  3. Double yay for fixing your computer and doing it yourself! I like the juxtaposition of the snowflake like it's just fallen in the window. Looks like the displays at Joe Fresh are more interesting than their clothes.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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