Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hu Kitchen

Warning: This may get long and rambly so feel free to skip to the pictures if you don't feel like reading today.

I don't really talk about it too much here but I'm on an annoyingly restricted diet for the most part and it's rare that I can eat out {this explains my habit of pinning millions of food recipes, many of which I can't or shouldn't eat}. I actually envy those who are gluten or lactose free since the ingredients they can't eat are labeled. One of the things about travel is that it's hard to find a place that I can find food to eat that won't make me feel cruddy the next day.

On my last trip to Manhattan, I took a couple of boring food bars with me {the Pure Organic ones that are really just meh tasting but I will eat in a pinch} but since I was sick I really wanted something healthy. Leaving at 4 am meant that I hadn't planned a bit for food other than the two food bars {I kind of figured I could just drink more coffee if I was hungry, please tell me I'm not the only one who does this}.

I was walking from Haven's Kitchen, where the girl at the counter was so hung over she never gave me the coffee I asked for, when I stumbled upon this hippie restaurant called Hu Kitchen, and figured I'd stop in.  I was ready for lunch, or at least that lost coffee.  I didn't actually get food, but I found what might be the cutest bottle of freshly-squeezed orange juice, coffee, and a nice looking interior mixes birch logs and rustic stumps with stainless steel, marble and modern lighting.  It's part fancy and part hippie. 

These side tables were pretty much everywhere, as was the marble.  I like how the bright stainless is paired with the slab of wood.

I also got to try 3 kinds of milk since they were all almost empty and I was too lazy to ask for more.  Luckily I'm not weirded out by non-homogenized things.


  1. That's a pretty gorgeous restaurant / store. I also think that a coffee shop isn't a coffee shop unless they have almond milk. You'd be surprised - that knocks out quite a few here in Houston

  2. awesomness!! what a cool place...I want to eat very healthy if it means I get to go here :)

  3. Wow, what a cool shop!!! Love the wood!!

  4. I am about to start a gluten free trial. I really don't want too, but I think the answer in the gluten. I am glad you found a place that can accommodate some of your needs. It looks really cool. You don't see these places in NJ....I miss California, this is the normal there.

  5. I'm in that neighborhood alot since my mom lives in Chelsea but I've never come across this restaurant. I definitely need to stop in next time. I just peeked the menu and saw a few things that sound appealing and i like the modern hippie design of the space.

    I'm off my restricted diet for the most part now but there are still things I don't touch just to be safe and I still don't have anything cold. It sucks when eating out can be such a hassle but at least you feel much better when you stick to your restricted diet. I mostly pin things I can eat but the sweets are definitely more for my eyes.

    Joe Fresh is boring cause basic and that to me bears no excitement. You didn't miss anything by not venturing in. It's awesome you can fix your computer yourself. You would not like dealing with people who have PC issues. It can be a real pain. I know plenty of people in IT and my husband is as well and they all say it's no fun and the hours are not great either.

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  6. Ohh what a fun and cozy place! It looks like the perfect mix of hip and laid back for a coffee shop.
    Isn’t That Charming.


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