Monday, October 22, 2012

Wanted: Pool House Project

Because I really want to use this Bolon flooring in one.

{via Bolon}

It looks a bit like carpet in the photo but it's actually a woven vinyl flooring so it wouldn't be ruined by water or dirt like carpet would.  I'm pretty sure using this would make the project my favorite project ever.   Who's in?


  1. I have been torturing myself with thoughts of a pool. If I am ever lucky enough to go forward on it, I'm pretty sure there won't be a pool house also. This floor is cool. How about for a playroom?

  2. Oh how neat - that could be the perfect flooring for a screened in porch or something.

  3. love this!!! What a great find! Very missoni

    1. Good eye, Albertina. I forgot to mention that it is Missoni's pattern.

  4. I'm in! Love the pattern and bold colour too.

  5. that is the coolest vinyl floor I've ever seen!! maybe a laundry room? i've got one of those :)


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