Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrifting :: Consignment Edition

I popped into a few thrift and consignment shops last week and found mostly nothing special but there were a few things I really loved.

This waterfall desk is really great.  With the veneer pattern being so nice, it should be back to working condition with a tung oil treatment and perhaps a bit of stain.  The drawers were nicely dovetailed and I love the simplicity of the pulls.

 A bamboo vanity!  It's super 80s but I really like it and it was in excellent condition {with the exception of the bench seat}.  It wasn't cheap though.  The classic dresser to the left was very nice too, you can kind of see a sliver of it in the photo.

I fell in love with this hefty ash tray.  I think it's the bright orange and white combined with the metal that I loved and it would be great for holding paper clips or keys at the front door.

These 70s lamps {I want to call it a chandelier lamp} with the hanging smoked glass disks make me really happy.  Again, not cheap but in perfect condition.


  1. That ashtray is awesome. And I could handle a dose of 80's if it looked like that vanity. :)

  2. Looks like the few things that you did find were pretty amazing. I mean that vanity?!

  3. I really don't have an eye for spotting what would look good after some TLC so I have lots of admiration for those who do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas

  4. That vanity is soooo 80's but cool though.

    I think A + O were doing limited edition line with the Schumacher fabric because they did buy yardage. I can't imagine how much they charged. Even with a 10 + 10 discount the cost per yd. was pretty high.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. I live that piece in the second photo!


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