Thursday, October 4, 2012

Petit Bateau Window Display

 This children's store window display is another example of a simple and effective display.  With some brightly colored prints of a wall and some hooks attached to display clothing, it looks almost as if there is a wainscot.

You can't truly confirm if it's real or not until you get close


  1. You're right, it really does!

  2. Very clever! I thought it was a real wall when looking at the first photo. Those little chairs are so cute.

    Your colleagues just never realized what a true visionary you are ;) I didn't ride the The Tower of Terror at Disney or Space Mountain. I'm not really one for free falls or coasters. I only got motion sickness on the Star Wars ride which I realized also made me sick last time we rode it. But I think that may be progress since my equilibrium was so messed up that motion was comforting for awhile. Actually I didn't have much fondness for the styles of the 80's either esp. the fashions. I only miss some of the music. If I stick out I don't have much awareness. I think it's in my Aquarian nature to my own thing haha. I do notice that I'm quite a demure dresser compared to alot of people.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. You are right, it does look a little like wall painting until you zoom in to check it out! I always love display that is very simple, and this display definitely suit my taste :)

  4. Love that...can I do that in my house. That yellow is so happy.


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