Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thoughts on Clothing

I thought after the rant yesterday I should at least share my solution for my recent annoyances.  Over the past few years I have seen the quality of clothes get so bad that I can't even find a cardigan that isn't see through.  I used to buy more clothes at J. Crew but most of the time when I shop there I feel a bit ripped off when I compare the price to the quality and the cut {or the lack of the cut}.

I also received a book from the library a few weeks ago that I had ordered months ago {I totally have a library wish list} titled, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, and was interested because the author confirmed things I had been feeling about clothing lately.  The quality and materials are getting worse but the prices seem to go up compared to the quality.

So.  What I decided to do is to buy fewer higher quality clothes when I can afford them.  I have decided to purchase my clothes {and I admittedly don't have or buy many} from designers who manufacture in the US or Europe, even if some of their items are made overseas, I am hoping that they have higher quality standards.  In some ways, spending a lot of money on clothing makes me nervous since I'm very hard on my clothes but I have an old See by Chloe sweater that has held up well considering what I have put it through {And what the cat, who is in love with it, has put it through.  She has been known to drag it around and put it in her food bowl some days}.

My favorites?

This top and skirt from Nanette Lepore {both of which are obnoxiously bright and I love them for it} may have found themselves into my closet recently.  I found a good sale and free shipping and I was so happy about the fit, it almost felt like it was tailored for me right off the rack and I haven't felt that way in a long time.

The only problem with this is that finding a sweater to go with it to allow me to wear it in the winter was a bit difficult.  There is a blazer in the set but I'm not really a blazer person and also didn't want to buy a whole set.  Amazingly enough, I found a sweater in a similar kind of bright reddish orange.  It's not a cardigan but I'm sure I'll be okay.

I also am totally in love with Trina Turk's clothing, a lot of which is made in California.

I wear cardigans year round and I actually love both of the ones above.  If only I had the money to spend on them.  Those pants also seriously make me happy.

The sweater on the left might be in my closet now.  I really wanted it to work with the top and skirt but it doesn't.  It works with other things though so it's a keeper!

Remember how I said that I'm not a blazer person?  I really, really, really want the one above but it's not in the budget.  If it goes on crazy sale or if I win the lottery, I'll reconsider.

Rag and Bone and Alice + Olivia are other designers on my radar but my checking account has asked for a break for now or perhaps for the next year.

Are there any brands you swear by?


  1. I can't say I'm loyal to any one brand. But, it looks like you are picking up some amazing pieces!

  2. I totally understand when you say clothing doesn't hold up these days. I bought a blazer from Anthropologie and the lining already has a hole in it. Disappointed. I've looked at Alice + Olivia before and their clothing just feels extremely stiff to me. Have you shopped at before?

  3. Buying quality over quantity has been my mantra since I've become more sensible about fashion. I base the value of my purchases on a cost per wear vs. actual cost anyway. Your new Nanette Lapore pieces are fantastic. I love the detail on the skirt and it's awesome that they fit as if they were tailored for you. I like Trina Turk's designs as well. Rachel Comey, Tibi and Lauren Moffatt are brands I like lately though I'm not really shopping right now. Fun fact - Alice + Olivia used to purchase Schumacher fabric for some of their pants back in the day.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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