Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anthropologie Merchandising Techniques

Although I haven't actually purchased anything from Anthropologie in years, I like to check out their window displays and also go in to wander around and look at their merchandising displays.  They do a very good job with their merchandising and here are a couple techniques from their Boston store {I think}.

The first technique is that they make the store feel like a residential space.  With applied letters and an exterior light over the door, this back room is made to look like an apartment entry.

A note among the glassware below.  Makes it feel like you are seeing something left for a messy roommate. 

"Please keep the kitchen neat!"

The other technique is the quirky displays scattered about.  These are not necessarily for sale but they give people surprises as they peek in a corner or look through an opening.  The plush cactus leaves inside old fans, in the photo below, achieve this goal.

These are only a few examples, but have you noticed any other techniques used?


  1. I have not purchased much from them, either. I love going in because it gets my creative juices flowing with ideas. I have also noticed that they will sell you almost anything. I once bought a small planter, and they charged me an extra $1 so I could keep the succulent in it.

  2. I think I bought a bowl from them a few years ago, but I LOVE to go in there and walk around. They always have amazing window displays as well as the displays around the store. (and its one of the few stores that's easy to get around with a stroller) One day, when I'm rich, I'll be shopping there more often. :)

  3. You're so right - they make it feel like you've stumbled on someone's really chic home and are going through their closet / kitchen. I'm a big fan of how they use regular pieces of furniture to display things like big wooden buffets and china cabinets

  4. Just like you, I like wandering around in there even if I have no intention of buying anything. There's just so much to look at.

  5. I think that is definitely one of the things that I like about anthropologie - it just feels like a very quirky home - and the details that they add are so incredibly specific.

  6. I agree! I like the way Anthro does their houseware displays cause it has the feel that you're in someone's eclectic home with their collections.

    I don't even know how to describe the taste sensation of a macaron. You'd really just have to try one. All the credit for the orchid reblooming has to go my husband. He likes to keep me away from the plants for their own good ;) I'm still only posting 2x a week for now but I have been feeling better. You're right! It would be awesome if HB France ran a China based editorial at the same time.

    Happy weekend Jeanine!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Anthropologie is indeed very "homey" I always envy the way stores such as this can make messy look so polished!

    go for the glam

  8. beautiful blog


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