Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Outfit Post?

Not really, you'll probably never see a photo of me here unless it's an accident and I don't notice myself in a window and photoshop myself out {which I totally do}.  However, I have recently been considering clothes a lot.  I have been tired of shopping and buying see through clothes that last a few wearings and then pill and look bad.  This is kind of expected when you shop at places like Forever 21 and H&M, but in June I purchased a bracelet from Kate Spade.

It was really cute but I wore it about 6 times before someone asked me how the clasp worked.  I took it off to show her and the whole inside had little rust spots like I had acid sweat, so I was a bit embarrassed when I handed it over.

I took it back to the Kate Spade store where they proceeded to tell me that it was costume jewelry and it was gold plated and it wasn't meant to last.  Generally when I buy something that originally cost $150 {even if I bought it on a day where they were having a sale on top of a sale like I did with the bracelet} I expect it to last more than 6 wearings.  The fact that the store admitted to the poor quality and wouldn't stand behind it's product was even worse to me.  It wasn't until I threw down the totally true, "I have Forever 21 jewelry that has lasted longer than this and that only cost me $5.00" and "I also bought a wallet that has also already become ruined" that they agreed to exchange the bracelet for something else in the store.

after less than two months

What I got in exchange for the bracelet?  This makeup case that I am using for my camera {and some note cards because those are hard to screw up}.  The zippered pouch is cute on the outside, but on the inside there is over an inch of dangling zipper!  They didn't even use one that was the proper size.  I made better myself in high school. I really wish I had looked more carefully but I was just so tired of the whole situation at the time.

So now I have a bunch of other poorly made Kate Spade stuff I didn't really want and a gift card for $1.06.  Which I also don't actually want.


  1. Wow that's really shoddy workmanship! I have a few of the bangles from Kate Spade and they haven't rusted so far, albeit none of them have hinges. I'll be on the lookout for damage to those pieces

  2. wao this is terrible....sometimes brands do a poor job of mainting quality when they expand so much. I think ever since Kate Spade sold her store it has just gone downhill. I know all bloggers out there love it but I feel it changed dramatically and just became so commercial....sorry you had to go through this....

  3. Wow ! This is very unpleasant! I have only a bag of Kate Spade...

  4. That's terrible. I've never bought anything from KS, but have always thought it to be a higher end brand. Now that I read this post, I will definitely think twice before ever buying anything there.

  5. Even if you bought it on sale, the fact that bracelet degraded so badly after a handful of wearing is pretty bad. Kate Spade products are cutely designed but the quality obviously doesn't match up to the prices they charge. Now I understand why you want to make your own clothes and accessories.

    I can't imagine Disney having a "seedy underside" but I bet the secret must be fun. Hubby insisted on the pink sequin ears and I'm actually glad he did :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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