Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thrifting :: End of the Summer Edition

My wrist is still healing but it's doing a bit better now so I thought I'd do a quick post on my latest thrifting finds.  A few weeks ago I popped into one of my favorite thrift shops and found a few things I would have loved to take home with me. Two things did come with me, and I'll post about them later, but here's what stayed behind.

The first is an inexpensive solution to the strangely popular "boob light" you find in new houses everywhere {and sadly, a lot of my apartments}.   The faceted glass makes it look fancier than it actually is.  There were two similar fixtures there, but this one had a dangly bit on the end.

 This headboard caught my eye and would be great for a kid's room.  I would paint it since the wood color is a bit 50s {or perhaps that more gross 70s shade with the black flecks added, I forget} but in the right place it could go as is with a bit of a tung oil polish.

This rattan rocker was so great but it was broken.  If I could have found a reason to take this home with me I would have, so it's a good thing it felt like it was going to flop over when I sat in it.

There were two dressers there that I liked, the first one, in dark wood was really nicely made - something you don't find around much.  With some new hardware it would be nice as is.  I'd paint the white one below to keep it from being so "french country" or whatever it is now.



  1. Oh my goodness, we used to have a rocker like that when I was growing up. My parents would always warn us against trapping our fingers in the rocker part below and it wasn't a stable piece of furniture to have around kids. But really fun to rock the heck out of!

  2. GREAT FINDS! I love the headboards, once painted they will be amazing!

    go for the glam

  3. This shop looks like a good time. Glad to hear your wrist is better!

  4. I was looking for a light fixture to replace my entry light. I like vintage, and that one is great.

  5. I definitely like the headboards, so much potential


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