Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neiman Marcus Paint by Numbers Windows

It is very rare that I post window displays of stores I actually shop at. While I don't often shop at Neiman Marcus, I do sometimes go in and try to shop there. I've never actually found anything I wanted to buy despite my attempts {like the time I went in for jeans thinking that they may have more than boot cut or skinny, no such luck there} also, I'm pretty careful which "luxury brands" I spend my hard earned money on.  I'd prefer to purchase from the little guys.

With all that rambling and nonsense out of the way, I like Neiman Marcus's current, okay July, window display with it's paint by numbers concept.  They created the paint by numbers drawings out of the photographs in the same window.

And do I spy a dress with the elusive short sleeves?


  1. Very cool windows. ANd I love both dresses. I'm with you though, would rather spend my money on the girls.

  2. Ooooh, how I'd love a life sized paint by number canvas...

  3. The paint by numbers panels juxtaposed with the photos is pretty cool looking and fun. They're more interesting the plain and probably way overpriced dresses displayed. We don't have Neiman Marcus in NYC but it's not like luxury shops are lacking here. I'm choosy about my luxury products as well. It honestly has to be something I really love that will last for a long time to get me to drop the $. I hadn't noticed that everything was being sold sleeveless lately. I feel like most of the things I've seen have sleeves. I live in sleeveless tops/dresses in the summer. I feel like it's slimming on me. But I do have to carry a scarf or cardigan everywhere for the AC.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I hardly ever spent my money on luxury brand just simply I can't afford it and plus the price of one can probably get me 10 extra pieces from other more economic shops :) However, I do love to check them out mostly their window displays. Since I get to see them mostly on your blog, I don't even have to go there. I can do everything online now LOL! Wish you have an awesome week ;) btw thank you so much for voting for me even though I know I won't win this contest but your vote means a lot to me especially when my real friends won't even do that for me <3

  5. I love the window displays at NM in downtown Chicago. They have a huge store and the wind display is not just in front but also along the side of their store on the cross street. It definitely lures me in! And yes, I would love to see your DIY creating a short-sleeved dress!

  6. OK, I'm all over this paint by numbers. Love it.


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