Friday, September 28, 2012


Have you ever pondered buying something you would never actually want to have because of the label?  I was at the liquor store {or the packy if you're from Massachusetts, but I happened to be in another state at the time} in search of pure sugar cane rum and found this.

Spiced rum reminds me of some college housemates I had that always seemed to have a gallon-sized jar of Captain Morgan's on top of the fridge, replaced often I assume, and I can't drink it now but I really was tempted by the illustration on the bottle.

Are there any products you buy, or want to buy, specifically for the packaging?


  1. Totally. Those folks who do packaging for cleaning supplies and soap know EXACTLY what will lure in a sucker like me

  2. Well, you know I'M a sucker for packaging Jeanine. I think I would have had to buy this: Release the Kraken!

  3. I am sure I do this all the time but just can't think of a specific example at the moment. Packaging is definitely a great way to lure people like us :)

  4. Love it... I also like wine with cool labels

  5. I love this label, very funny!

  6. I bought "cupcake" wine because of the was horrible.


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