Monday, August 13, 2012

Thrifting :: Slacker Edition

I have been pretty stressed out lately and working hard.  Last week I was pretty busy trying to gain access to my email account, working extra hours {many involving crawling around buildings}, and redoing my taxes - the IRS tells me how I've screwed them up every year.  Then there has been all this heat and humidity where my hair takes on a life of it's own.  So I decided to relax instead of blogging.  I feel much better now.

Since it's fun to drive around in a hot car with no AC I decided to stop at a local consignment shop.  I purchased my sofa there 10 years ago for about $200 but after that trips have been more miss than hit.  They had some nice things this time, so here is what I found:

The upholstery is shot on this bench so it's probably not worth the money they are trying to get for it but it's really nice and could look great with some new fabric.

 This midcentury tea and coffee set caught my eye but they were asking $175 for it.  I feel like this is more an item for ebay than a consignment shop but I'd be interested to see if it sells.  I forget the name of it....

 I actually love this mirror.  I'd paint it something other than brown though.

This cute little pie crust table was one of my favorite pieces.  It was also really sturdy for a vintage piece and was one of the most reasonably priced items there.

 Cute little table, I love the drop pull.

I thought these vintage car prints were nice but my photo of them is terrible.  They'd need new frames but could be perfect in the right place.


  1. So many great finds, it would have been hard to leave empty handed. Glad/Hope you're feeling a bit better and rested!

  2. What great stuff you found! That bench could be super cool for sure. And love the pie crust table.

  3. What great finds.. i can just imagine how great that bench and the dide tables would look after some love

  4. I'm sorry to hear you'd been stressed and working so much. It's good you decided to relax instead of blog and you feel better. I hope the whole email issue was resolved. Redoing your taxes sounds like heaps of fun :( I did my taxes for the very first time last year and held my breath that I wouldn't hear anything back from the IRS.

    I always enjoy seeing what catches your eye at consignment and thrift shops since I have no eye for thrifting at all. That table with the drop pull is really cute. Reminds me of a nightstand I had growing up.

    Everyone who's watched Big has pretty much agreed that the ending was a major fail. I kinda wish I slept through it. My friends have been telling me I should watch Gentlemen's Dignity but I've been on the fence since I'm not a fan of the lead actress. Have you watched that one?

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. I am glad you are able to have some rest time!! Blogging + work sometimes can left us with absolutely no time to rest. I bet the consignment shop is filled with crappy furniture too but you manage to pick the best of the shop!! I adore the mirror especially cause it looks like a perfect mirror for me to do makeup on :) and I agree with you, will definitely change the colour of the frame.


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