Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Red and Turquoise

I'm still loving the color combination of red and turquoise.  I tried to use it in a project last week with a brown {almost animal printish carpet} but the company logo was wrong for the red.  I'm kind of sad about it because it's not often you get a carpet allowance as high as they had but we might just change out the paint colors for all blues and neutrals, no red.  Their lunch room would have been kind of similar to this but with a blue floor, white cabinetry and red walls.

image from Futura Cucine {McAfee says their site has a virus or I'd link}

They will still have the high gloss cabinets I wanted and nicer looking hardware so there's something good right there.  I really wanted to convince them to change the company logo but I restrained myself.

Do you guys love or hate the red and blue color combination?  I tried not to like it but I really do.


  1. It isn't one that I would like but the more I look at it, the more "modern" it's looking to me. I say it may be one of the colour combos on the horizon

  2. Depending on the red and the blue, I like it. Celadon and red for instance, I really like. The blue gray and deep red in the image you've selected is also very nice.

  3. Initially when I saw the title I didn't think it'd be something I'd like. But I do like it, the cardinal red is nice up against the turquoise blue! I know you didn't mean that I need to get rid of the contents of my closet but the truth is I have too much. It's just overwhelming.

  4. Love this combination! And the gloss really adds up to it!

  5. It looks really cool. Not sure if I'd like it in my home.. but I do love it here.

    1. I've seen it used successfully in residential spaces but color is such a personal thing and this is a combination that can go really wrong really fast.

  6. That would've been such a cool looking lunch room but at least they're still getting the high gloss cabinets. I think this color combination is striking and rather glamorous. Now orange and turquoise is a totally different story.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. I think red and blue will look nice but for my home I would prefer red and white ;)


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