Friday, August 17, 2012


As in I wanna sit innit.

I'm digging out my old photos from the ICFF again and since I have spent most of this summer avoiding the outdoors, I can't wait for fall when I can enjoy the time I am outside.  Maybe I'd like summer more if I spent it in a colorful and comfortable chair? 

The squishy cords of this Acapulco chair are quite comfortable, like those old lawn chairs popular in the 80s.  I think I like the simple round shape of the Innit style {see the yellow one on the right side} the best.


  1. LOVE the acapulco chairs. They remind me of Summers growing up in the Caribbean. And I really like all of the colors they come in too.

  2. I LOVE those chairs!! I saw some the other day at a vintage shop and instantly wanted to buy them but we don't have a house yet and I've already bought too much stuff for our future home so I had to pass. These will definitely be on our outside area once we do. :)
    A's Fashion Files

  3. Hmmmm interesting? I love summer, I don't like humid weather, but hot temps? I love it, but if a big comfy colourful chair would help you with liking the season? By all means indulge!

    You are right, my closet is expansive, I have too much stuff and will definitely be clearing out my closet by selling items on ebay for Fall.

  4. I am back! So sorry for the late reply! You're right, these chairs look awfully comfortable, would love to try sitting on it :) For me, I love winter the most but not so much fall because in Vancouver, that is when we have rain almost every day :/


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