Thursday, August 23, 2012

Escada Window Display - Trunks

As I was checking out the Hermes windows I found this Escada window with these white boxes.

Up close, they are simple, hand drawn trunks.

I like them and the simplicity. Kind of reminds me of this window display from a few years back.


  1. I like how they are so simple and let the clothes take the lead.

  2. There's a certain charm to the hand drawn trunks. I like the way they're juxtaposed in the display. I guess there's a cycle to display trends too.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I ish I can see those fall windows before they're gone! Haha!!!

  4. We used to have a gorgeous Escada store on Michigan Avenue. It was 2 floors, and all of a closed :( I love the trunks and they do make a great window display accent.

  5. Love that!! I would love one of those trunks to paint! How cute!! And thanks so much for your kind words regarding my new etsy shop--I really appreciate it!!
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  6. I love the window display and I love that you noticed the detail of the trunk props.


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