Thursday, July 19, 2012

Would You Like Some

Iced Hoffee perhaps??  It has been way too hot to be on the computer so I decided not to blog at all.  Thankfully, after all the crazy storms yesterday, we finally have the humidity gone at least.  I've been drinking a lot of iced coffee {though not at the place where David Hasselhoff advertises, I would never get a coffee at a place that is nicknamed Scumbies}.

I actually thought David Hasselhoff was only popular in Germany but maybe he's back?

With my endless intelligence yesterday I decided to walk home from the train about 2 minutes after this microburst went through Arlington.  People were just walking out of their homes when I got there and it apparently happened in about 30 seconds.  This road is fully blocked off - luckily there are only about 4 houses down here.  There were whole trees down everywhere though.  It totally explains why there were people hanging out under the highway overpass.

I hope it cools down for everyone else in the heat wave without the crazy storms!


  1. ha! Scumbies just sounds so wrong.. we had tons of rain yesterday but humidity is still up there.. no change yet.

  2. Haaaaa...amazing! xoxo

  3. WOW!! Crazy but cool picture and the David Hasselhoff sign is hilarious :)

  4. Pass on the Hoffee! Why doesn't he just go away already. It was in 70's today in NYC after yesterday's storms and it's feeling downright balmy.

    My doctor didn't say ice cream was forbidden but as you know he thinks cold food/drinks are evil. I've been eating it sparingly def. not as much as I would like and I'm not taking ice in any of my drinks. You're gonna think I'm nuts but I still drink hot tea in this weather. Funny how you refer to your "acutorturist" XD Did you go see that "witch doctor" yet?

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Hi Jeanine,
    I don't think those are the same ships that were in Boston, the race started in the North of Spain and most ships are european. I believe some of them were in the USA some time ago, but probably not this year.
    Thanks for commenting, I appreciate you stopping by!
    My Own Project

  6. Amazing pics!!!!!


  7. It's been threatening to rain in Chicago but nothing so far, and it's extremely humid! So I guess the Hoff is back? I don't know he had some bad publicity a few years ago with this daughter catching him on film...I never understood why women were gaga over him.

  8. Iced Hoffee? LOL - that's so awesome. Those signs would so get stolen around here


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