Thursday, July 5, 2012

Club Monaco Window Display - Hanging Cups

Club Monaco seems to like their tableware. The last display was backwards plates and this time it's hanging cups!  I really like the color blue {almost anywhere is nice} so I also enjoyed the color of these cups.  It's a nice change from the neutral window displays they have had this year.

The birdlike shadows in these images are created by the fake birch trees in this particular mall.

I wonder how many thrift shops they had to visit to find enough!


  1. For once, there's a display that I seen in Vancouver and I've always wonder what creates the shadow. Thank you for answering my question,that is such a creative effect.

  2. hey... like it! simple but cute... :)

  3. The CM here had that same display and I nearly broke my neck trying to get a view at the bottom of the cups "...oooh, who makes these??" lol But after a few seconds realized they were painted.

  4. What a cool display! I haven't been into club monaco in a long time, they have a store about 5 blocks away but I rarely go in. Def need to check it out!

  5. Oh that's really cool! How clever. And I love their clothes too

  6. That's so cute - wouldn't have thought about it til you pointed it out. :)

  7. hahaha, awesome!!



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