Tuesday, July 3, 2012

BCBG Window Display - Over the Garden Hedge....


If the humidity keeps up over the next two months the way it has been in June, this is how you will eventually find me. Keeled over with my head in a bucket.  Hopefully I'll be wearing pants that day.

I like that this display by BCBG is both simple and humorous in a small space.  I think that's more difficult to do with mannequins and clothing while remaining creative since it's so easy to just say the space is too small let's just put the mannequins up.  And I'm glad someone has a sense of humor.


  1. This is a very creative window display! I know the glamourai recently did a window display in NYC, I'll have to go back to see which store it was for!

    You and my mom would have a blast together.. My mom actually doesn't use patterns when she designs are bags and totes... Impressive right?

  2. That is so funny and clever - love it!


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