Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anthropologie Window Display - Under the Sea Extended Rockefeller Center Edition

I posted a different, Boston, version of these windows a couple of months ago.  In May, I visited the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie windows and they were a quite different take on the same theme.  According to the sign I found, the windows are trying to bring attention to the disappearance of the ocean's reefs.

{this one is from a Boston area shop}

As I mentioned before, this year stores seem to be using multiple windows for one scene.  This display was no exception {I photoshopped all the people out since they didn't agree to be in the photo but wouldn't move out of the way}.  The ship windows are best viewed from far away before seeing the details.

The windows have cardboard rocks and seaweed {or are they coral?}.  The seaweed/coral is dipped in paint and the barnacles seem to be made in the same fashion as the Boston display - paper wrapped cardboard.

The cute little sea urchins are painted barbeque skewers {or something similar} stuck in styrofoam and painted.  Probably made in the same fashion as their winter displays were.  There is also a bottle cap turtle {and whale tail perhaps?} swimming by.

The other side of the window contains the same elements but also a school of swimming wood shim fish.

I didn't get a photo of these windows together like I did with the ship but this was also a window that used two sections to tell it's story.

More fish.

These giant sandpaper clam shells are great and nearby you can see bubbles made out of light bulbs.

I think these windows are quite nice but I think what would make them even better would be to make these window displays out of found objects.  These items don't look used at all and they change out quite a bit.  If Anthropologie was very serious about saving reefs, I think keeping things out of landfills {and that giant plastic reef in the Pacific} would be a big help.  

Just a thought.


  1. Wow! These display are amazing!

  2. WOW after reading your post back in May, I can see a huge contrast between the two displays and it is very sad to see how our ocean is turning like this. Even though Anthropologie did not set good example while creating this window display, I think their attempt to bring awareness to the people is always of good cause.

  3. I love the giant clam shell and the corals.. bottle caps cardboard.. so much awesomeness.. they never fail to amaze me.

  4. So many windows so many creative settings!

  5. My favorite detail is the text on the first photo!

    My Own Project

  6. hi... agree... think these windows seem great...
    fantastic pics you took!!

  7. lovely pics.


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