Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifting :: Tuesday Morning Edition

I haven't posted thrift store photos in a while so I thought I'd put some of the latest up. Just because I'm not posting about going doesn't mean I'm not looking. I don't need anything so I've been trying not to go though.

This dresser is nice.  If I bought it I'd paint it and change out the hardware - or at least change the hardware.

I like this cute little swiveling cane stool - and actually the side table/night stand next to it. 

A terrible photo of a beautiful mid-century dresser.  It was in great shape I love the simple, angular hardware.

Remember my carpet posts from last week?  I kind of want this rug.  It needs a good cleaning but it is probably large enough to fill a room {8x10}.  I walked away but I think about it a lot.

They had rolls of fabric for really reasonable prices.  They were all really traditional but not exciting traditional - although toile is nice.


  1. That dresser could become really fab for sure! Great finds!

  2. I love the mid century dresser.. and the first dresser is nice.. i don't like the bamboo style trim but the flourish around the hardware is cute.. makes it feminine.


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