Friday, June 1, 2012

Thoughts About Design & A Great Color Combination

I spotted this door near the garment district a few weeks ago and love the retro feel of this color combination.

Starting Monday, I will be posting my pictures of the Kip's Bay Showhouse.  It was okay this year but very "New York decorator" leaning.  This is fine but not as much a style I'm drawn to as other styles are.

I was talking to a woman on the street as I walked away who wanted to know what all the fuss was about and if it was worth going.  I gave her my opinion and explained to her what it was all about and that the money goes to charity so whether the show is good or bad it is worth it if you have the money.  We got to talking about design and money and how she would love help when she "won the lottery".  Although I do think designers should be fairly compensated for the work they do, I truly don't believe you should have to win the lottery to work with a designer and have good design surrounding you.  There is plenty of furniture out there that doesn't cost a fortune and that doesn't even include thrift and consignment shops.  So, I have decided to try to put together a more affordable option inspired by each room I post.

If only I had thought about giving the woman my blog information instead of my business card.  I guess I was too hot and hungry to think straight.


  1. Unfortunately, most people see ID as a luxury - and not an affordable one either. Looking forward to your show house images and your affordable options.

  2. That is a great looking door! It is odd how many people perceive working with designers and good design as a luxury for some reason. I love that you will be putting together a more affordable option for each room you post. We always used to go to the KBSH when I worked at Schumacher and it was always interesting.

    You mentioned using super hot water with your powdered herbs. Does that mean you don't have to boil it? The stuff I have has to be boiled down for 3 hrs. It's a good thing it's two doses but I feel like I'm chained to the stove every other day. What you go through when you have the wrong things sounds really awful :( At least you know what you shouldn't touch but it sounds like it can get pretty tricky to absolutely avoid it. Finding a caring doctor who actually believes something is making you sick is so hard cause so many would just rather write it off. I had so many doctors just want to give me MRIs and write prescriptions and they didn't even care about my symptoms the first time I was sick. It sounds like you might have a good chance with this witch doctor if she could figure out that someone was allergic to water. Did I tell you that my doctor absolutely believes that eating/drinking anything cold is like the root of many health problems? Well I haven't touched anything cold in 2 months.

    Have a great weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves


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