Monday, June 25, 2012

Salt Body Scrub

I've been out of my favorite salt scrub for a while now and really noticed the difference. I generally buy a scrub that is made in California and cured on a hillside in Sebastapol, California {which, incidentally, if you say fast sounds like Basketball California}. It costs $40 to buy and have shipped which is pricey but it is all natural and has no preservatives and is the only thing I buy that actually works on my cranky skin.  The last batch I bough was described as peach and floral scented and when I got it and used it, I smelled like a hippie.  All I could smell was patchouli so I would have to go to work and apologize about smelling so badly, but it was so expensive I couldn't bear to not use it.

I've been trying to do more saving than spending lately and there are recipes all over the internet to make your own so I decided to try making one myself.  A few years ago I tried one that was olive oil and sugar and I smelled like a salad all day and the sugar in the shower attracted ants which was not what I had intended.  Plus it didn't work all that great.

I looked at the recipes out there and then decided to do my own thing {since, obviously that has worked so well in the past}.  This roughly translated to:

1. Fill container with sea salt.
2. Add coconut oil in small amounts stirring well in between until all the salt is covered.
3. Add essential oils of your choice.  Only a few drops it would probably work best to smell after each couple of drops are added.

Notice how I put only a few drops in bold?  That is because I got overly excited when adding my peppermint oil and now the scrub I made smells like Wrigley's Double Mint gum.  It feels perfect though.

Next time I plan on adding shea butter since it fixes all skin problems {it even gets rid of eczema and that gross baby dandruff} and I'll bake it on the front porch on a sunny day. It's almost the same as a hillside in California, right?

Plus, smelling like a pack of gum is infinitely better than smelling like patchouli {which I might add was nowhere in the product description}.  If you are interested in the store bought one it was from here, I've generally had good luck with the chocolate, mint and sex on the beach scrubs, just don't get the one called sumthing nice, or was it sumthing naughty?  Whatever they named it, I call it sumthing gross

If you want to make your own, there are plenty of recipes out there like this one but substitute refined coconut oil {or unrefined if you want it to smell coconutty} for olive oil - see the aforementioned salad reference. 

Here is a good recipe if you need actual numbers in order to make one.  It has sugar and salt so make it if you dare or are sure you have no ants in a 30 mile radius.

These shea butter scrub cubes seem great, but I'd modify it to make it more simple.

I have a ton more on my DIY pinterest page.  Does anyone have a recipe they swear by?


  1. I definitely going to try this: a cheap option to other body scrubs and I have heard wonders about salt body scrubs!
    The Green Bing Blog

  2. I love this!! And I've already got everything, including the peppermint oil, my favorite. I'm so gonna try this!

  3. Body scrubs always feel so decadent- blissful. Good on your for making your own!

  4. This sounds like a great recipe and so sorry to hear that the previous product smelled horrendous! I don't really use body scrub, I do have a mango one from body shop which I like.

  5. This is great and seems fairly easy to make. I'll just have to remember to go easy on the essential oils ;) Thanks for sharing! I'm a big fan of scrubs in the summer. I like to add a little sugar into my hand cream for a quick and easy hand scrub/softener.

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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