Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashion King - Set Design

Saying I only watched Fashion King for the set design kind of makes me feel like a guy who swears he only reads Playboy for the articles. But I'm serious...really.  I have to admit having a strong stomach for bad movies.  When my sister and I were young, we would get the tv guide that came in the paper and look for 2 star movies to watch.  So, despite being warned off repeatedly by others, I was in for the long haul on this one.  After finally finishing it, I wouldn't recommend that anyone else actually waste the time to see it but the reviews are fun to read.  The most accurate one reads {and I loosely quote}, "watch this drama if you are stuck on a plane for 20 hours and feel like being angry for 15 of them."

Watching the first few episodes I kept thinking I should know where they were shooting the show and then I saw the doors.  I don't pay too much attention to Tory Burch {I feel like she has giant logos on everything and I'm not into that} but I do like the interior of this store.

Apparently the upstairs of the Seoul store was made to look like her apartment.  I really like the orange lacquer everywhere and the lattice pattern on the railings.

There's also the sitting room with the purple and white which gives your eye a rest from all the orange.  These sofas magically changed half-way through the show from the darker purple with white trim to a white with purple stripes. I think I prefer the lighter sofas.

Some of her sketches even make it into a few shots.

As a side note, I kept wondering why they were all talking into their iPads, but it turns out Samsung makes giant smartphones now.  My phone is the same flip phone the main character used when he was poor....it seems to make appearances now and then in different dramas so it must be the director recycling phones.

On the first show I was thinking the phones were hugely oversized and awkward like Zac's phone below.  After seeing them a few times and thinking about it, they make sense.  You can't really do anything comfortably with a tiny iPhone so a larger one would be so much nicer.

via Huffington Post

Was anyone else silly enough to follow this whole drama?


  1. never heard of it...
    but it was nice to remember saved by the bell!! :D

  2. Haha your first paragraph totally made me LOL. Congratulations on finishing FK. You def. have a much stronger constitution than I do :) I thought I read that they also shot at the TB store in NYC. That lattice is so cool.

    I have to say I find the set design and cinematography much more creative and interesting in K-dramas than American productions which is part of the reason why I prefer them. They used those big Samsung mobiles in TK2H as well and it always looked odd.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Ok whatever this show is....the fashion has to be amazing! The tory burch store is absolutely amazing, and I love the interior decor and it reminds me of our store in Chicago!


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