Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fabric Hoarding

I've been at it again, I've been fabric shopping.  I found a new store and I'm very excited.

I purchased a bag at the Limited last winter and started using it in February and it lasted until May before it started falling apart. I might have bought it for 40% off but that doesn't mean it should only last 4 months. Super junky. So....I decided to make a bag of my own and started scouting for leathers. I'm a vegetarian so it was strange to shop for hides but I promised to name mine so I feel a little better. Plus, it's best to use all the animal if you're going to kill it anyway so I'm helping out {right?}.  They had a whole table of hides for $49.99 each - apparently they started out at $50 but people were rushing the table and snatching them all up since they thought they cost $5 each.  That would have been very funny to see first hand....

It's entirely possible that the bright gold piece came home with me for a tote bag or maybe this.

This gunmetal and fuschia are for my bag - the fuschia is for the lining.  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what style so I've been pinning all sorts of bags that I like in order to select one as sewing inspiration {or inspiration for someone else to sew if I'm being honest}.

I loved this green 'alligator' velvet fabric.

And they have a giant bin full of buttons!  It's about 8' long by 4' wide so it's pretty huge.  I'm not sure why this bin makes me so happy since I have no intention of ever buying any.


  1. I haven't seen them, but I am already impressed with your sewing skills if you can put together your own leather bag?!

  2. I can't believe that bag fell apart on you within months. Pretty shoddy quality. I hate when that happens even if the item was on sale. It's cool you have the sewing skills to make yourself a new one though :) Looking forward to seeing your finished product! Learning to sew is something I really want to do and I need to make it happen. You must've had alot of fun at the fabric shops in NYC. I used to love going to Mood Fabrics and ogle the pretties.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. That is a true addiction... Love it!

  4. I have a bad fabric addiction too. And I love all of those buttons!

  5. I shop a lot for fabric too but I am so horrible at sewing that they always ended up sitting underneath my bed :b But I absolutely adores the fabric that you bought especially the golden fabric *0*


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