Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barneys New York - Explosive Lanvin Window

I always like to stop by Barneys New York to see what the window elves are up to {also to snap a photo and send it to someone letting him know that I am near Barneys and he is not - not that I ever go inside}.

Sometimes the window displays are creepy and sometimes I enjoy them but I'm always up for a look.  This window display was interesting with lots of movement {also found nearby at Christian Louboutin's boutique}.

Another common theme I have been finding in windows lately is that they not only used multiple windows to tell a story but that if you aren't looking at the windows from far away or if you were walking in the wrong direction they are difficult to understand.  To get the story you have to step back and take in adjacent windows like below.

The brick wall is exploding and the bricks are flying toward the very calm looking mannequins to the right.

Alber Elbaz {who the window was designed to commemorate} is standing calmly watching these less calm looking mannequins tumble about.  Is the one in red smizing?

This rotating dress has also seemed to explode up out of the ground {and if I'm remembering correctly, down in the "pit" are glowing embers}.  It's really hard to see the dress in this photo but it's black and under the shiny clear plastic thing that seems to be floating in air.

If you'd like to see more images of this window and a video on how it is made, check out The Window or this New York Times article.


  1. hi dear :) I want to invitate you and your follower at the giveaway on my blog :) this is the link :D

  2. OMG amazing!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting these pics. xo

  3. If you haven't explain the picture by each window display, I wouldn't have noticed it's telling a story!! Very cool indeed!!!! This is what i do a lot too (checking out shops' window display) especially the high end stores because I am always so afraid to shop in there.

    And thank you for the most beautiful comment you left on my blog <3


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