Monday, June 4, 2012

Ana Romero Textiles

I love this beautiful patterns by of the Ana Romero Collection I found at this year's ICFF.  Sold as pillows and other accessories, this fabric is some of the nicest silk I have come across in a while.

I love the chevron stripe in the pink and the pattern made into wallpaper for the booth.  I would love to see these patterns sold as fabric by the yard some day and was I was told it was a possibility for the future.


  1. Such vibrant colours and patterns!

  2. I love silk pillows!!! The colours and patterns you are featuring are so rich and vibrant :) I will need to check out Ana romero!

  3. Very interesting collection!

  4. I would be interested in the process that creates those patterns and colors. It's rather unusual. That pink chevron is gorgeous!

    Good on you for picking up those sequin flats. $50 is a great price for KS and if they'll make you happy on rainy days they're totally worth it :) It's good to be able to eat everything again. I'm actually a part-time vegetarian so I din't miss meat all that much but when you tell me I can't have something is when I start craving it. It's good that you worked out a garlic/onion substitute for yourself but hopefully you'll be able to have the real thing again. That's cool that you're distantly related to Joseph Petrosino. You should get a picture with the sign :p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Love those cushions!!!Very beautiful print!

  6. Unusual prints seems to run on portuguese blood lately xD i'm really happy to once again find a portuguese designer doing well abroad (I'm studying product design myself!)
    Great blog, follow you! Would be very nice if you could follow me back

    My Own Project

  7. Hello! Thank you so much Jeanine for the post! An thank you everyone for the kind comments on my work!!!***

    1. Of course! It was nice to meet you last month.


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